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Does Ozempic have mental health side effects? : Shots - Health News

Women's Health

How Long Can You Stay On Ozempic For Weight Loss? Doctors Explain


Laxatives for weight loss are dangerous, ineffective, experts say

Prevention Magazine

Budget Ozempic TikTok Trend: What It Is and Is It Safe, Per Doctors


OHSU researcher wins prestigious medical honor for technology that can save sight

The New York Times

Advances in Eye Scans and Protein Structure Win 2023 Lasker Awards

The Boston Globe

Three scientists who pioneered eye-imaging device at MIT win prestigious Lasker Award

MIT News

James Fujimoto, Eric Swanson, and David Huang win Lasker Award

NBC Bay Area

Bay Area residents shocked over new COVID vaccine prices

Yahoo Life

Was your COVID vaccine appointment canceled? Here's why, according to experts.

The Hill

New COVID vaccine campaign off to a bumpy start


Many people are experiencing COVID vaccine cost confusion and being asked to pay out of pocket due to delay in coding


Obesity is becoming more common in a growing number of states, CDC data show

3 in Kent, Ottawa Co. hospitalized with West Nile virus

FOX 17 West Michigan News

2 hospitalized with West Nile in Ottawa County

First cases of West Nile virus reported in Ottawa County, highest count since 2018

2 hospitalized with West Nile Virus in Ottawa Co.; officials urging Michiganders to take precautions


Alzheimer's Is a Leading Cause of Death in the U.S.


10 tell-tale signs of Alzheimer’s disease

Psychiatric Times

World Alzheimer's Day 2023

ANC 24/7

Health Talk: Alzheimer's disease awareness | ANC

ABC News

FDA discusses using artificial wombs to help save preemie babies: What to know about the new technology

FDA advisers discuss future of 'artificial womb' for human infants

Scripps News

FDA to meet on development of artificial womb technology

The Weather Channel

Researchers Seek FDA Nod to Test First-Ever 'Artificial Womb' on Humans |


A heartwarming connection among music, memory and Alzheimer's


A son uses music to connect with his mother who suffers from Alzheimer's


what happens when you have Alzheimer's?

Wisconsin Public Radio

Still there: Alzheimer's has ravaged his mother's memory, but music brings her back

Everyday Health

Ovary Removal Before Menopause Can Cause Lasting Health Issues


PMS now could mean double the risk of early menopause later, study shows

Contemporary Obgyn

Premenstrual disorders increase early menopause and vasomotor symptom risks


PMS May Make You More Likely to Face Early Menopause


Ultra-Processed Food—Especially Artificial Sweeteners—Linked To Depression, Study Finds


Study: Ultra-processed food can worsen chronic depression | WION


Scientists Link Ultraprocessed Foods to Depression


Research shows link between eating processed foods, depression

Neuroscience News

Pioneering Biomarker for Resistant Depression Unearthed

Cingulate dynamics track depression recovery with deep brain stimulation

Science News Magazine

The science behind deep brain stimulation for depression

Medical Xpress

Depression recovery can be hard to measure: How objective biomarkers could help make treatment more precise

Fox News

High blood pressure a concern worldwide, leading to death, stroke, heart attack: How to stop a 'silent killer'


'31% Indians live with hypertension': WHO report's key findings


WHO report says 1 in 3 people worldwide live with hypertension

FOX 7 Austin

1 in 3 adults have high blood pressure | FOX 7 Austin

WLWT Cincinnati

Cincinnati Children's Hospital to require staff to wear masks on all campuses

Ohio children’s hospital requires staff to wear masks as COVID, respiratory cases surge


Cincinnati Children's Hospital will require masks for staff beginning next week

WCPO 9 Cincinnati

All employees at Cincinnati Children's required to wear masks due to increased respiratory illnesses

Local coverage

The Mercury News

Several Bay Area counties issue new mask mandates in hospitals amid COVID-19 surge

Deseret News

See where new mask mandates for health care personnel will be in place until next spring

San Mateo Daily Journal

San Mateo County Health officer directs health care personnel to wear masks during respiratory virus season


Alameda County requiring mandatory masking of staff in healthcare facilities

National Institutes of Health (.gov)

Clinical trial of HIV vaccine begins in United States and South Africa

Washington Examiner

Clinical trials of HIV vaccine to start in the US


HIV Vaccine to Be Tested in US, South Africa


A Shot at Universality: NIH Kicks Off Clinical Trials for the Ultimate Flu Vaccine

WBAL TV Baltimore

Alzheimer's disease treatment advances with 2 new drugs


This FDA-Approved Drug Slows Down Alzheimer's. We Finally Know Why.

Courier Journal


WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore

Alzheimer's disease treatment advances with 2 new drugs

Creative Bloq

The Ozempic logo has a clever but controversial secret

The Dental Economics Network

Dental considerations for people taking Ozempic

Fast Company

Why a hidden message in Ozempic's logo represents a big shift in drug branding

Dermatology Times

Pointers With Portela: What to Know About Ozempic

The Boston Globe

CDC will invest $262.5 million to forecast the spread of infectious diseases

Fox News

Northeastern University granted $17.5 million by CDC to become infectious disease detection, prep center


CDC Awarding More Than $250 Million For Network Of 13 Infectious Disease Forecasting Centers

GBH News

‘We need to be ready’: CDC gives Northeastern $17.5M to spot next outbreak

Inhaled Fluticasone Furoate for Outpatient Treatment of Covid-19 | NEJM

Yahoo Life

All labia look different — and their appearance can change over time. Experts explain.

Verywell Health

Who's at Risk of High Blood Pressure From COVID?

University of Minnesota Twin Cities

Risk of long COVID goes up with previous diagnoses

Colorado Public Radio

Do you have long COVID? This Colorado research is trying to help identify just what it does and what to do about it

Yahoo Life

New poll finds 15% of Americans have had COVID 2 or 3 times. How harmful are repeat infections?


The Best Time To Get Your 2023 Flu Shot, According To A Vaccine Expert


GREAT DAY HEALTH: Doctors advise getting flu shot early


Now's the time for the annual flu shot says doctor

NewsWest 9

When is the best time to get your flu shot?


Gov. DeWine tests positive for COVID-19 after experiencing mild cold symptoms

WJW FOX 8 News Cleveland

COVID-19 latest: How fall uptick is affecting Ohioans


Ohio doctors see increase in COVID-19 cases

Ohio COVID-19 cases drop for first time in over two months: Sept. 21 update

Medical News Today

Type 2 diabetes: Morning, afternoon exercise is best for prevention

NBC News

Study says morning workouts may be better for weight loss


Exercise Timing May Dictate Obesity, Type 2 Diabetes Risk


Is morning exercise the key to dodging diabetes?

Google AI tool predicts danger of genetic mutations

WSJ News

How Google’s DeepMind Uses AI to Uncover the Causes of Diseases | WSJ Tech News Briefing


Google DeepMind's AI Tool Could Pinpoint Our Genetic Faults


Google’s AlphaFold has a new tool to track genetic mutations | Mint



What can medicine do for people with genes for ALS?


Readout LOUD podcast: possible new ALS drug, artificial wombs


FDA panel to weigh approval of NurOwn, controversial ALS drug

Motherly Inc.

Pediatric Covid Hospitalizations Increasing, AAP Says

Western Massachusetts News

COVID-19 cases climb in Springfield as the fall season approaches


Pay heed to COVID surge

Women's Health

New COVID Boosters: What To Know And Where to Get It, Per Doctors

WBAL TV Baltimore

Woman shares near-death experience to raise awareness of sepsis


Sepsis prevention- the alliance of vaccinations, sanitation, and the vaccine cold chain

Limerick Post

Limerick experts warn public to ask 'Could it be sepsis?'

WBAL-TV 11 Baltimore

Woman shares near-death experience to help others

New York Post

Heartbreaking image of Calif. mom who had her limbs amputated after eating bad tilapia emerges as GoFundMe campaign raises over $110K


Waist-Hip Ratio a Stronger Mortality Predictor Than BMI

KTLA Los Angeles

L.A. conference attendees fall ill to nasty bacterial infection


32 people sickened by foodborne illness at hotel conference

Los Angeles Times

Bacterial outbreak at DTLA hotel sickens at least 32 people

Local coverage

Daily Mail

Scientists uncover why women crave chocolate and crisps at certain times of the month - and confirm 'it's not

How bats evolved to avoid cancer

Popular Science

How do bats stay cancer-free? The answer could be lifesaving for humans.

Unique biology of bats may hold secrets of cancer resistance

The Independent

Could bats hold the secret to beating Covid and cancer?

CBS News

Stigma kept people with substance use disorders "in the shadows." Now, they're fighting to "recover out loud."


The Road to Recovery: El Paso experts celebrate progress of former addicts

U.S. News & World Report

Few Doctors, Spotty Internet: Finding Mental Health Care Tough for Many Americans


Mosquitos are thriving in post-Hilary Southern California. Here’s how to avoid the bites

KTLA Los Angeles

Getting bit? Mosquitos thriving in post-Hilary SoCal

Los Angeles Times

Why are there so many mosquitoes in L.A. right now?

Local coverage

Neuroscience News

Unlocking Non-Opioid Pain Relief: Acetylcholine's Untapped Potential


Cognitive-behavioral therapy reduces the interfering effects of fibromyalgia pain


Scientists Discover Path to Treating Pain Without Addictive Opioids

Medical News Today

Pain management: How brain circuits may provide pathway for treatment

Press Herald

Eastern equine encephalitis virus is found in mosquitoes in Maine

Type 2 Diabetes — Controlling the Epidemic, Episode 2: After the Diagnosis — Making a Plan and Addressing Social Determinants of Health | NEJM


Hispanic people are at a high risk of stroke, health advocates say. This Spanish campaign is raising awareness of the warning signs.

Good Morning America

Heart disease in the Hispanic community l GMA

ABC News

Hispanics experience higher risk of heart disease, stroke while facing language barriers

Idaho Department of Health and Welfare confirms adult measles case with potential exposure to others

KUTV 2News

An Idaho man has measles. Health officials are trying to see if the contagious disease has spread.

Idaho News

Southwest Idaho man contracts measles during international travel, area residents potentially exposed

East Idaho News

Measles case reported in Idaho resident who was exposed during international travel

Local coverage

The Boston Globe

Cystic fibrosis treatment brings joy, complications to patients


Cardiac Rehab Lowers Risk for Second Heart Attack

Harvard Health

Are you missing out on this crucial cardiovascular therapy?

U.S. News & World Report

You Survived a Heart Attack. Here's How Cardiac Rehab Can Help

Mosquitoes test Positive for West Nile Virus at Los Peñasquitos Lagoon

FOX 5 San Diego

Mosquitoes at Los Peñasquitos Lagoon test positive for West Nile virus

NBC San Diego

San Diego County reports 1st sign of mosquitoes with West Nile virus this year

The San Diego Union-Tribune

First sign of West Nile virus in mosquitoes found in Los Peñasquitos Lagoon

Local coverage

The Hill

Wastewater shows COVID levels dipping as hospitalizations tick up

WSOC Charlotte

COVID-19 spikes after Labor Day. This is how the health department found out


NC COVID metrics take a dive at the end of summer

WQOW TV News 18

COVID-19 levels on the rise in Eau Claire, wastewater testing shows

Alzheimer's Disease International

World Alzheimer Report 2023

Daily Mail

The 16 habits that could leave YOU at risk of dementia: Experts create definitive list of factors that increas

New York Post

Mediterranean diet slashes dementia risk by almost a quarter

South China Morning Post

5 Alzheimer’s experts’ advice on avoiding or delaying the disease

Neuroscience News

Brain’s Molecular Response to Psychological Loss


Leonardo Da Vinci's Famous 'Rule of Trees' Debunked by New Study

'Do not anthropomorphize plants,' say plant and forest researchers


Welsh and Swedish scientists disprove Leonardo Da Vinci's 'Rule of Trees'

New study disproves Leonardo da Vinci's 'rule of trees'

The Independent

Do Covid tests work after they expire? Here's what to know


5 Things Infectious Disease Doctors Won't Do Because Of COVID

Charlotte Observer

Think you might have COVID-19? Where to find free tests in North Carolina

The Federalist

You Just Have A Cold. Don't Give Covidians Numbers By Testing


Depressed individuals have reduced connectivity in brain regions responsible for cognitive functioning

NBC News

Suppressing negative thoughts might improve mental health: study

New York Post

Having negative thoughts? Here's how to suppress them to improve mental health


Psychotherapists Flip Freudian Thinking on Treating Depression

NBC News

Study suggests suppressing negative thoughts may be good for mental health

Ars Technica

What can we do about ultraprocessed foods?

Consciousness theory slammed as 'pseudoscience' — sparking uproar

Walter Bradley Center for Natural and Artificial Intelligence

Leading Consciousness Theory Slammed as “Pseudoscience.” Huh?

New Scientist

Theory of consciousness branded 'pseudoscience' by neuroscientists

Scientific American

Prominent Consciousness Theory Is Slammed as Bogus Science

Block Club Chicago

More Infections Linked To Salmonella Outbreak At Avondale's Carniceria Guanajuato

Neuroscience News

Prenatal Phthalate Exposure Linked to Brain Size and Child IQ Reduction